L'ISOLA - the Carlo Moretti showroom in Venice
the Carlo Moretti showroom in Venice
Carlo Moretti

Shopping information


With very few exceptions, every item that we ship is always double packed.

  • Internal packing:
    All the larger pieces, as well as the annual collection flutes, are packed in Instapak® packaging foam which is poured into the box and takes the shape of the object before setting.
    The drinking glasses and small pieces are packed in wrapping paper and BubbleWrap® or PluriBall® and then placed either in individual boxes or in boxes with multiple compartments.

  • External packing:
    All the internal boxes are either placed individually or in groups in larger external cases and filled with ‘S’ shaped Styrofoam pieces, or ‘peanuts’ as they are termed.
    Both the external cases and the Styrofoam peanuts are of the highest quality to ensure the safe arrival of the products.
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