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After almost 35 five years, L’ISOLA, the Carlo Moretti showroom in Venice has had to move to a new location. Leaving the memorable showroom in Campo San Moisé, designed in 1979 by the artist Paolo Martinuzzi, L’ISOLA is now in Calle de le Botteghe, a street off Campo Santo Stefano. Here Martinuzzi’s unusual furnishings of wood and iron have been adapted to this new space conserving the spirit and style of the original showroom.

Calle de le Botteghe (and the streets that lead off from it) is one of the few areas left in Venice reminiscent of older times. It hosts an ample and interesting selection of antique dealers, art galleries, bars, restaurants and shops offering unusual clothing, fabrics, home design items, inexpensive jewellery, and arts and crafts generally. The area has proved to be an excellent choice for the showroom’s new location.

L’ISOLA is the Murano company’s ‘showcase’ in Venice. Founded in 1958 by the brothers Carlo and Giovanni, the Carlo Moretti company is an ‘authentic’ glass factory. For more than 50 years it has combined the age-old ‘know-how’ of Murano island’s glass masters with the creative expectations of contemporary Italian design. It produces drinking glasses and ornamental pieces made from Murano crystal in limited numbers, mouth-blown and finished by hand, individually signed and, in many cases, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The company has pieces displayed in 23 museums around the world.

In June 2013 the Carlo Moretti factory was sold to an Italian holding in the fashion world. In the reproduction of existing designs, as well as in the creation of future pieces, the new owners have pledged themselves to maintaining the characteristic style for which this famous company is so well known.

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